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Beauty is skin deep and hence, you’d need to nurture it so that it stays with you longer. No one can deny the brilliance that is added by beautiful skin and hair. Women around the globe are in constant search for beauty secrets which will let them hold to eternal beauty. Hence, the market is full of beauty products and treatments to keep one beautiful for longer. However, often after investing hundreds of dollars in these treatments we don’t get the desired results. This can lead to disappointment. But there are homemade beauty tips which are tried and tested against time to deliver excellent results for beautiful hair and radiant skin.

Following are some homemade beauty tips which one can easily prepare and use. The advantage of homemade packs and treatments is that they are often herbal and without harmful chemicals.
Homemade beauty tips for skin A glowing skin is the prerequisite for beautiful looks and hence, you can’t avoid taking care of your skin. Eating and drinking healthy will let you have radiant and glowing skin; without pimples and blemishes. Now, when food will take care of your skin from within you’d also need to apply homemade beauty packs to complete the process. Oatmeal Oatmeal can be an excellent natural scrub. It will help removing the dead cells from your face to give it a fresh look. To prepare the oatmeal pack mix ½cup of oatmeal with ½cup water and make a paste. Clean your face with normal water and then apply the pack evenly on your face. Allow the pack to rest for 10-15 mins and then rinse off with warm water while scrubbing your face with the pack in circular motions. Cucumber Cucumber is the natural astringent. It also helps tightening skin and slows down the aging process. Hence, cucumber is a must have in your beauty regime. Grate cucumber and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your face with cotton ball. Let it dry on your face for 20 mins. Time-to-time, reapply the juice. Rinse your face with cold water when the juice dries completely. You can also preserve the juice in refrigerator and use everyday for brilliantly glowing skin. Egg yolk The egg yolk is rich in nutrients that will let you have beautifully glowing skin. To make a face pack of egg yolk- mix 1 egg yolk with ½tablespoon of olive oil and ½table spoon of lemon juice. Apply the pack on your face and leave it to dry for around 15 mins. Rinse off the pack completely with water. It is an ideal face pack for normal to dry skin. Honey, Peach and Yogurt Mask This is a great face mask which can be used everyday. Honey is the natural moisturizer and therefore is used extensively in face-packs. The honey, peach and yogurt mask will leave your skin beautiful and glowing. Take the pulp of a large peach and mix honey and yogurt to it. Make a paste and apply it on face. Leave the pack to dry for 30 mins. Once the pack is dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Complete the process by applying light moisturizer to your face. Homemade beauty tips for hair Hair is your crowning glory and hence, you can’t simply ignore them. Healthy hair is sign of health and beauty. Homemade hair care recipes will help you keep your hair healthy and shining. These can also prevent issues like- dandruff and premature graying. Brown sugar Dandruff is caused by dry and flaky scalp and hence, keeping it moisturized and clean is the best way to prevent dandruff. Brown sugar scalp scrub will let you keep your head clean. Mix two parts of brown sugar with one part of conditioner. Lightly rub the mixture on your scalp. However, you must be careful not to tangle your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Moisturize with honey and olive oil Moisturizing your hair regularly is an important part of your hair care regimen. Hence, you must not avoid moisturizing your hair even if you have oily hair. If you have dry hair you can benefit from adding olive oil and honey to your regular conditioner. If you have dry hair then you can also benefit from using mayonnaise on your scalp. Apply it on wet hair. Wash your hair thoroughly and shampoo if needed and style accordingly. Homemade body care When you are taking every care to improve the quality of your skin and hair you can’t avoid caring for your body too. Flaky skin, cracked heels will put a dampener on your beauty regimen. Body lotion for dry skin The homemade body lotion will help you fight skin dryness. Add 2 teaspoon of glycerin with lemon juice and six-teaspoons of petroleum jelly. You may apply this moisturizing lotion on your body to prevent dryness. Cucumber for sunburn Cucumber juice can be used to treat sunburn. Peel and grate one cucumber and squeeze juice from it. Refrigerate the juice. Mix the juice with ½teaspoon of glycerin and rose water. Apply the mixture on the affected area. Cracked heel Cracked heels look bad and hence, you can’t ignore them. To treat your cracked heels melt paraffin wax and mix mustard oil with it. Apply the mixture on the affected area and leave overnight. If you use it regularly your heels will become smooth after 10 to 15 days. Hand care Even when you can deceive your age with a glowing skin your hands are often the give-away. They will tell your true age if you ignore them. Hence, taking care of your hand is equally crucial. To clear the dead skin from your hand mix some sea salt with lemon juice and rub your hands with it by using an old toothbrush. Rinse off your hands with lukewarm water. Keeping your hands moisturized is very important for a great look and hence, apply almond oil to keep them hydrated. To prevent nails from breaking, massage your nails with vitamin E. Beauty treatment doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can retain the glowing youthful look by using simple ingredients available easily at home.
Beauty Tips for Pimples
Pimples or acne go against a pleasant appearance. When you get this irritating condition on the face, your beauty starts to reduce. It spoils the enjoyment of any grand party. You are not being able to maintain a fabulous look. Basically, acne is a severe form of pimple. You experience a smaller sized lump on the skin. If you neglect this pimple, it may create big problem indeed. Beauty tips pimples can cure such condition. You have to follow the tips very carefully to get rid of pimples.
Causes of Pimples
Sebum secretion One of the main reasons of pimples is the secretion of excess oil on the skin. During the age of puberty, your skin starts releasing sebum. It is a kind of oily substance and too much secretion causes pimples on the skin. When the extra oil is clogged in the pores, it experience pimples and acne. All this process happens because of hormone imbalance. That’s why, you have to check your hormone level on regular basis. Stress Stress is another reason of pimples. Everyday, you go through various kinds of tensions and stress. These create impact on the skin. You have to know the way to deal with stress. This will help you to do away with pimples. Reaction of cosmetic products You apply variety of cosmetics on the skin. Sometimes, they do not suit you. The result comes up as pimples, acne, etc. Those who have oily skin type, face pimples much. Choose cosmetics according to your skin type. Go through the ingredient label very carefully.
How to get rid of Pimples?
Proper sleep and good diet To keep your skin fresh, you have take lots of sleep and more green vegetables and fruits. Regularly take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Drink plenty of water. It will help you to stay enjoy a clear, pimple free face. Choose right cosmetics While choosing cosmetics, consider your skin type. Be careful, about any kind of cosmetic reaction. If you have oily skin type, you must take great care. Choose water based product and protect the skin from the hands of pimples. Cleansers Use glycerin or sorbitol soap to cope with pimples. Choose neutrogena soap in this respect. Wash the face at least twice daily. Don’t rub the face harshly. Choose gentle cleanser to nourish the skin. Natural sandalwood cure Make a sandalwood paste. You have to add rose water to sandalwood. Use this paste regularly on the affected area. Leave it overnight on the face and next morning using normal or cold water wash it off. It will help you to remove pimples. Aloe vera formula You may choose aloe vera to cure pimples. From the aloe vera plant, extract a watery gel substance. This is fortified with enzymes and saves the skin from bacteria. This ingredient will help you to eliminate pimples and ace.
Beauty Tips for Eyes What is the most important feature of someone’s face? Eyes happen to be the most expressive feature of someone’s face. They express your emotions in the best manner possible without you not even speaking. Attractive and mesmerizing eyes can surely turn many heads towards you. It is time for you to take the best care of your eyes and apply the entire range of eye make up products available in the market. Beauty tips for eyes encompass the usage of the galore of make up products for eyes that have been designed in a manner to take care of every part of your eyes. Get smoky eyes for yourself by using the eye makeup tips. In the initial stages, it might appear complicated but as you cruise along you will find that it is easier to be applied than any other kind of make up. There are a variety of colors, tools, and techniques that can be used. Eyes are the most expressive feature that you might create with your eye make up techniques and products. Tips to get beautiful eyes.
Most of the communication is made by the expression in your eyes. And one is able to convey the best of emotions through the eyes. That’s the reason why eye make up enhances the look of the eyes and it can also turn out to be overtly bad if the beauty tips for eyes are not aptly applied. 1 Choose the eye shadow that suits your skin tone and type as they come in varied texture, powder (compacts), pencils, and creams. Only you can choose the right eye make up product for yourself. 2 You can either use a dry or a wet eye powder but make sure you are able to control it. You have to be sure that the best powder that you use shall be of the moist nature. 3Eye pencils are always easy to use. Make sure you do not smear the lines as you apply the eye pencils on your eyes. 4Remember that eye creams are not at all easy to manage. Therefore, use a good quality eye foundation; or else it might slip and slide towards the crease on your eyes and eyelids. Eye Make up Beauty Tips Eye make up beauty tips are used to shade and give a definite shape to the eyes. Mascara helps to give an illusive expression to your eyes. You eyelashes appear thick and lengthy. Eye make up also creates a good illusion of light and shadow, if done in the proper manner. Follow the tips of eye makeup meticulously such that you get the best look. Eye Make Up Tips You require four different-colored eye shadows as mentioned hereunder - 1Apply eye make up tips that has a neutral-toned base 2You need a main color 3You need a light shade for highlighting 4You shall require a darker shade for emphasizing the eye 5Get access to a magnifying mirror, have your set of brushes ready with you and make the sponges also readily available to blend the eye make up. BEAUTY TIPS...... How to look stunning at the party? Do you want to look stunning at the party? To achieve this you do not need to book a day at the spa. You just need to put on sexy skirt and to apply some of our advices . The main thing is not to approach the matter so seriously. In too fancy or creative dress you won't feel like yourself. And that can spoil your fun. - Two days before, make yourself a fruit and vegetable diet (drinking only fresh juices, eat only raw and cooked vegetables). With this you will have more beautiful, more radiant skin. In addition, there is a chance that the figure was somewhat get slimmer and the belly will be diminished. - The day before the event it's time for facial and hair masks. Apply a nourishing mask to your body, moisturizer or illuminating a mask for the face and an improving the appearance of hair mask. This session should be preceded by the intense full body scrub with particular emphasis on heels, ankles, elbows and back - about those parts of the body we very often simply forget. - Bet on the serum. Such cosmetic visibly improve skin condition, even if it is gray, dull, tired or heavily desiccated. - A great idea is also a cabinet illuminating treatment with vitamin C - its effects are visible to the naked eye. Brightens and tightens the skin for at least 24 hours. - Do not forget about pedicure. Not only if you intend to put up sandals on a high heel. If you plan to put on shoes with bare fingers, be sure to paint your toenails for a strong color. Black, red and strong pink are are the colours in which we invest in this season. You do not need to have the same color on the hands and feet. But you can. This season is super-fashionable way of getting your nail done. - The day before, try on clothes that are going to put on the party. Yet you will have time to change the decision - whether earrings, color tights, etc., are OK. You can also try out the makeup. Then you'll have a full grasp of the situation. Costume  The best idea will be little black dress, but without the extras like pearls and a shawl (a good at a banquet at the presidential palace). Put on colorful high heels maybe also a fur bolero. Plus large earrings and a jewelery small bag. Extra tip:  Prepare without haste. Turn on the music, do yourself a drink, make sure nothing is forgotten. At the party you can safely be late about 30 minutes. Make-up  If you have a regular shape of the eyes, do smoky eyes. This makeup is more practical than heavily painted lips, which tends to resist until the first drink. How to make a trendy, dark eyes?  1. Concealer brightens up the skin at the corners of the eyes.  2. Draw eyes with black pencil or eye-liner. On the upper eyelid make a thick line, and thinner on the bottom.  3. Apply a dark, smoky shadow to the eyelig. The best are opaque.  4. A great idea is to apply the false lashes. How to apply false eyelashes ? - Stick them on the already finished make-up after application of shadows and eye-liner  - Fix straps over the top lashes eyelash line (easier!) - Knots -apply to your own eyelashes (harder) - Don't apply mascara to your eyelashes Things that you need to spend some time  - Dark manicure on the nails - if you decide on this, visit the best manicurist, or paint them in the morning, without haste and be sure to use the base and hardener.  - Affixing false eyelashes - it always takes a while, it may take up to several trials.  - Doing curls - to really dry, you may need up to three hours (it depends on the thickness and texture of hair). Hair that not dried is not able to obtain the form of curls. ... And those that you can do at the last moment  - Lighten the shadows under the eyes wetting flakes - Make a lip scrub with toothbrush or with a pinch of sugar mixed with lip balm.  - Apply skin glittering body powder. Light Make-Up Video Tutorial For a Hot Summer Are you looking for some not-to-intense summer make-up ideas? I hope you'll like this video tutorial by Pixiwoo. Here are pictures before and after
And here is the video. Enjoy!
Products used in this tutorial (you can use also other cosmetic brands or put less coverage to get similar results): Laura Mercier Primer Chanel Vitalumiere MAC Moisture cover Chanel Bronze Universel MAC Melon Pigment MAC Virgin Isle CCB Make Up For Ever Aqua Pencil - 18c Coral. ... and a set of make-up brushes.