Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas

Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. Ideally, the preparations and grooming sessions start a few months earlier. To look gorgeous on the main day is not an easy task and requires more than a day's effort. Diet and fitness training must be complimented to the application of cosmetics. One of the major things you have to take into consideration is that your skin must have a natural glow. Drinking water and avoiding consumption of junk food is the first step. Using good products on your skin and exfoliating is going to make you the world's prettiest bride. One of the biggest worries is emotions running high and makeup running down your cheeks! This could definitely result in a disaster. Your eyes might be puffy or swollen due to strain; for this purpose use slices of cucumber to relieve them. Getting adequate sleep will render you fresh and beautiful for the morning ahead. Read about these makeup tips for the eyes and lips to make you look your ravishing best for the wedlock.

Makeup Tips For Eyes And Lips

.Check your face in an adequately lighted area to see if you have any tan marks on your neck or face. If you do find patches of different colors on your body then go for tan removal sessions. Do not wait until last day or rely on instant tan removers. They may not work and in worse case scenarios, they might cause skin irritations.
.For a basic look, apply a brown eye shadow on the eyelids and white or silver on the outer sides. Avoid using pink if you are fair, as this makes you appear pale. The eyes also look smaller. Instead, try on bronze, dark brown or maroon shades.
.Eyeliners are a must since they make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. The safest color to use is black. Apply a thin coat of liner starting from the edge of your eyes and make it thicker along the curve. You can use a silver or white eye pencil along the lower eye line. Use waterproof eyeliners.
.Mascara must also be waterproof and basic colors such as black or neutral are preferred. .You may opt for navy blue if it complements your dress. Avoid being outrageous!
.Match your lipstick with your dress. Hues and shades of crimson and pink will enhance the poutiness and color of your lips. Make sure it blends well with the colored dye on your dress. Go in a for a lip liner that merges with the lipstick color. This gives it a soft and glossy look which looks good in photographs as well. It is believed that thinner and smaller lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips become more prominent with deeper shades.
.One of the biggest tricks of the trade is either place the focus on the eyes or on lips. .Underplay the other with neutral pinks or shades of brown.
.Do not forget to wear a blusher. Light shades of pink and peach give you the coy-bride look. It also highlights the natural color of your cheeks. But make sure that you don't overdo it and end up looking like a circus clown!
.Too much shimmer or too many unconventional colors as makeup only loses the plot. .Bridal makeup needs to make you look radiant and pure.  So stick the basics.
Corrective Makeup With Foundation
.First, use a concealer to hide any blemishes. Now when you choose a foundation make sure that it is not very pink as this makes your face look artificial.
.Apply it gently on your face and spread it evenly. Opt for a color tone that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.
.Be wary of the type of foundation you are purchasing. Make sure that it is oil-free as heat can create smudgy patches.
.Dab some translucent powder on your face so that holds the makeup together and hence stays for a longer period of time. For people with greasy skin, loose powder helps in achieving the matt look.
.It is advisable that you try on makeup before the D-day. Remember to follow all the above bridal makeup tips and be the prettiest bride the world has ever seen!



Makeup tips for Face

Every woman desires to be the centre of attraction. Beautiful looks is what all craves for. Though the adage says – beauty is skin-deep, but somewhere is doesn’t happen to be true. There are numerous beauty products in the market and varied makeup kits are available in the market from various brands. With all these makeup brands around you, why not try the makeup tips for face and get that much awaited appearance? Cosmetics are used to enhance the beauty and personality in woman. In other words, makeup is a group of cosmetics, whether it is face makeup, lips makeup or eyes makeup. Keep in mind that the makeup should depict your personality in the right manner – thus applying the right makeup is essential. The face makeup is applied for brightening up the face. The glow in the face is important and the makeup tips for face follows a definite art.

Face Makeup is applied in the following sequence:

Foundation, preceded if required by under eye concealers Blushers Powders

Foundation: Application Technique

Put a little foundation on your hands and then dot it on your face, on the area around the nose, on the cheeks, the chin and the temple areas and in between the eye brows. The finger tips should be used to blend the foundation well and try using a sponge. Try working from inside towards the outer areas. Keep in mind that the foundation doesn’t stay at one place but is spread evenly. The foundation should also be applied below the eyes and behinds the ears too. You could also try applying it in small quantum over your eyelids. Lastly, blot the face with a clean tissue which is dry and press it gently over the face such that the excess of it gets absorbed in the tissue.

Blusher: Application technique

After applying the foundation and evenly spreading it over, you should now use a blusher or the rouge. These types of cosmetics really do a lot to do the face makeup in the right manner. But how to apply the blusher? You have to use the color on the blush area, which is the part of the face in between the parallel lines, one extending outward from the corner of your eyes and the second from the bottom of your nose.

Applying Powder: Technique

Puff off the powder after applying the blusher and again blot the excess with a tissue paper.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Have you been facing problem to apply makeup on oily skin? Is the problem persistent? The basic problem while applying makeup on oily skin is that the oil gets collected on the skin and there is a shiny coating. There are few makeup tips for oily skin and following that wouldn’t make your skin look patchy and the makeup lasts for long as well. The recommended and most used makeup tip for oily skin is that try wearing as less makeup as possible. Too much of it, would only make your appearance blotchy and patchy.

How to Perform Makeup On Oily Skin?

Follow a skincare regime meticulously such that there is a natural glow on the skin. That is the best makeup one can wear. Try following a cleansing, moisturizing and toning routine religiously. A good cleanser should be used that helps to open up the oily clogged pores. Don’t scrub your skin much – then there might be over production of oil on the skin. Use a hydrating moisturizer.

.Use concealers for reducing the amount of foundation. Blend the foundation well before applying.
.One shade lighter foundation should be used for covering up the darkening caused by the oil on the skin.
.Don’t use shiny and shimmery makeup to get more shine on your face. Look natural with an oily skin.

Tips on applying makeup on oily skin

.Consult a dietician and undergo a healthy diet.
.Consult a dermatologist for the skin conditions.
.Drink lots of water, follow an exercise regime and use makeup for highlighting the best facial features.
.There are cosmetics that are specifically devised for oily skin – use them.
.A powder blush is recommended for use rather than a cream blush.
.Face should be washed with cold water for several times during the day.
.Mixture of rose water and ice water should be used to wash the face 2-3 times a day. This also helps control oiliness.

Makeup Tips for over 50 women

Are you over 50 and feeling a little frustrated about the way you look? Then you can follow the proper make up tips for over 50 women to hide your wrinkles, lines, blemishes, and make your skin glowing. Right make up tips will enhances your beauty and make you the center of attraction even at this age.

Makeup Products for over 50 women

Makeup primer
Translucent powder
Eye pencil
Eye shadow
Lip liner
Lip gloss

Makeup Tips for over 50 Women

With increasing age the color of your skin changes. Your skin becomes thin and faded. Here are some makeup tips that will help you to look to look attractive and hide wrinkles:

.Follow skin exfoliation routine to remove your dead skin cells.
.Always apply moisturizer before you put any makeup. Choose moisturizer with have serums and creams rich in antioxidants in it. Antioxidants and retinols will try to control your fine lines.
.If you want a smooth look do not forget to use a silicone rich primer. Apply silicone rich primer before you use make up. Foundation is a must for over 50 women. A foundation hides small problems that have turned up. Apply foundation depending on your skin tone. A yellow based foundation will suit you at this stage. Before you purchase the foundation you can test in on your jaw line rather than testing it on the back of your hand. Moisture based foundation is best suited for you.
.To hide under eye dark circles, blemishes and other spots that have turned use a concealer. Mix concealer and moisturizer and then apply it. You can also use your ring finger to rub the concealer.
.For a younger look you can apply a blusher. Use a cream based and muted in color blusher. Apply blush softly on your cheeks. It should appear that it is your natural glow. .Don’t use blush in such a way that it makes your face look skinny.
.Use a powder brush to apply a light dusting of powder. Apply the dusting powder gently all over your face.
.Apply eyeliner to define your beautiful eyes. Apply only a single coat of eyeliner on the upper lid. Eyeliner on the lower lids often smudges down. You should also apply Mascara on the upper lashes. Mascara will give extra boost to your lashes.
.For lip make up use a lip liner. Select lip liner that is neutral in tone. Apply lip liner on the lip line. Use natural colored lipsticks or light shades lip stick to fill up the lips. If you are opting for a cool appearance, then you can choose rose shade of lipstick.

Women Over 50: Makeup Tips

.Use anti aging cosmetics products available in the market
.As your skin becomes dryer so drink plenty of water and eat fruits
.Apply a moisturizer according to your current skin type. You may not get the same result from the moisturizer that you used to apply when you were younger. If after applying moisturizer you feel that it makes you break out or you feel greasy, then it might be the case that you are using the wrong product.
.Heavy makeup and make up powders does not suit your dryer skin. Tinted moisturizers are the best option. Use Tinted moisturizers according to your skin color. Avoid using heavy foundation.
.Trendy colors do not compliment women over 50.
.Apply make with good brushes. It will give you make your application smoother and easier.
.Avoid applying shimmer eye shadows.
.Avoid dark make up colors as it may highlight wrinkles and lines

Top Makeup Tips

Worldwide a revolutionary change has been observed in cosmetic industries. More and more industrialists are now interested in manufacturing cosmetic products. The simple reason behind this is that it brings huge profit. People love to do makeup. Everyone wants to look fabulous and makeup is a way to improve the features of your body. According to numerous face type, skin type, skin tone, makeup products should be chosen. To pamper your look with mind blowing style, you need to know some makeup tips. Right information and correct application of cosmetic products can gift you that flawless beauty.

Makeup according to your Face Type

Indulge yourself in analyzing your face type. If you will apply the makeup properly, it may help you hiding the flaws and highlighting the attractive parts of your face. Try to understand your facial structure and follow the instructions given below–

Oval Shape Makeup Tips

If your face is oval, you are lucky. Its an ideal structure for performing makeup. You may shape the eyebrows in an original arch. For lip makeup, you may outline the lower lip. It will feature the lips with fuller look. The natural line of the upper lip can be defined also. Apply blusher on the cheeks in “C” shape and blend up properly to the outer corner of your eyes.

Diamond Shape Makeup Guide

Such facial structure is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin. Along with it, wide cheek bones are also noticed among such face type. To exfoliate your diamond facial shape, you may apply darker shade of a foundation. Apply it to the outer side of the cheekbones and continue towards the outer corner of the eyes. To add stylish attitude, use lighter shade on the forehead and on the chin. The Give a shape to the eyebrows which will be looked like apart from its middle portion.. Other parts can be kept as natural arch.

Makeup Guidelines for Round Shape

Making the forehead narrow, you may add style on your appearance. Choose dark foundation and apply deeper shade on the side. On your jawline you may apply a dark color foundation. For making the cheeks look narrow, you may choose blusher for the cheekbones and be sure that it is blended towards the temple portion. Inside of your lip line, apply lipstick. Shape the eyebrow in a sweeping manner. Apply brow pencil. It will make the eyebrows and eyes look longer and bigger.

Tips for fabulous Makeup

.First use cleanser and make your face clean.
.Apply moisturizer on the face and apply concealer.
.Use a foundation which goes well with your natural skin tone. Look for a smooth effect.
.Add powder on the face and bring shine and glow.
.Choose a gel blush or cream blush to enjoy natural makeup. Gel or creams are so much transparent, therefore, they give smooth effect on your face.
.Shape the eyebrow in accordance with your facial structure. Use eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and prepare with a proper eye makeup.
.Outline the lips with lip liner and add color on the lips applying lipstick. The color should be matched.
.Opt for a shade in lip gloss which is little deeper than your natural lip color. You may go with a sheer, rosy gloss indeed.
.Using a tinge of shine powder, you may enjoy a wonderful makeover for an evening party.

Free Makeup Tips

Get the looks you want with some free makeup ideas and tips. Know some hair styles, eye care, beauty products, skin care and cosmetics, hand and feet care, makeup tips, and hair styles. Your natural beauty will improve with the use of makeup and beauty products.

Whether you are a teenager or an old person, you can maintain a glowing and healthy skin. For feeling great and looking good, you need lessen stress, sleep more and have healthy food. Home-made beauty remedies, conditioners, exfoliators, and face masks can enhance your beauty.

Tips to follow

.First apply toner on the face and then apply moisturizer. This helps in the well blending of the foundation.
.Use your fingers to rub the foundation in a circular direction on your face. Rub one area at a time. Blend it outwards and downwards by using a makeup sponge.
.After foundation is applied, then apply concealer. Apply it in small dots on the areas needed and then wipe with a sponge to remove the excess part. A lip brush can be used instead of a sponge. You can repeat this process if you need more color.
.For the setting of the makeup, use a translucent loose powder. To dust the face, use a large and soft brush. If you have a mature skin, use powder on nose, chin, and forehead.
.Put your fingers below the cheekbone when you use a blusher. Then apply this in a circular direction. But don’t apply under the bottom of cheekbones.
.For a natural look, put some blush on brush and pat softly on your hand to dust off excess and then apply.
.A soft matt base can be achieved by applying a foundation over the eye lid. This will also help in stopping creasing.
.As a base, use a “no-color” eye shadow. Put this on the eyelids till the brow bone. Use dark colors in crease or on outer eye area for eye shapes.
.Use colors which will suit you and not colors for matching your dress.
.Put eyeliner close to the base of eyelashes. This will give them a thick appearance. You can use a soft pencil for a manageable make up.
.For deciding the eyebrows’ correct length, take a pencil at the nose bottom and line up to the eye corner. Make an angle from the nose bottom to the outer eye corner. This will help you to find where the eyebrow will start and finish. Use an eyebrow brush to keep it well by applying light strokes with a pencil.
.Clean your brushes with natural shampoo at regular intervals. Naturally dry it up. Every 4 and 5 weeks, wash the sponges.
.Simplify your clothing and makeup if you are a lady in your 40′s or 50′s. Blend well and check that the foundation matches with your skin type.
.Apply moisturizer on lips and apply powder or foundation. For lip coloring, use a lip pencil in a toning or natural shade. Use a brush to apply lipstick. Choose the color tone with your complexion.
.Do not use eyeliner till the dark circles are covered with the concealer.

Makeup tips for Eyebrows

Eyes, definitely, does a lot of speaking even if you do not speak verbally. Eyebrows, on the other hand, add strength and provide more definition to your face. Eyebrows which are groomed properly do enhance your beauty. Beautiful eyebrows make the facial structure more prominent. To have beautiful eyebrows, you should pluck your eyebrows just before you go to bed such that the redness tends to disappear. This is one of the best makeup tips for eyebrows. Make sure that you know your facial features well to have beautiful eyebrows.

Makeup tips to have beautiful eyebrows

.Use a pair of slant edged tweezers such that the hairs can be gripped easily. Comb your hair in one direction and then in the opposite direction and let go of the loose hairs.
.The hairs should be plucked between the brow areas as well. Never try to remove the hairs from the area just above your eyebrows.
.Pluck each hair individually. Pluck it in a manner which goes in the same direction as the hair growth.
.Do not over pluck the hairs. To define the eyebrows, use a color which is same as that of your natural hair color.
.Apply the brow pencil with small, feathered strokes. Work outwards, starting from inside to define the eyebrows.
.Blend the color with a brush. The stray hairs can be tamed by using hair gel and a comb. .In that way, it shall also appear neat.To get beautiful eyebrows is the best makeup trick that one should know from the starting stage. There are many women who tend to overlook the beauty of their eyebrows, or there are others who over-pluck them, making it worse.

Which is the best Eyebrow color?

Either an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow powder can be used to have definitive beautiful eyebrows. The process of applying the eyebrow powder goes like this – apply it with an eyebrow brush, dust it through the eyebrows and make sure you do not let it spread on the surrounding skin area. In a way, this is bound to give you a natural matte finish but requires a little blending properly. As we discussed, the alternate tool to define the eyebrows is the well-sharpened eyebrow pencil. Try to put on an effect which is natural and avoid a fake look.

Quick makeup tips for beautiful eyebrows

One should remain careful about two things – the distance between the eyebrows and the length of the eyebrows.

.Always pluck your eyebrows in between, avoiding plucking them from above.
.Visit a professional, if you are plucking your eyebrows for the first time.
.If the top area looks messy, wax it off.
.Keep it simple and clean always!