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Bridal Beauty Tips

Every bride deserves to be the very special lady of the day and look her best. The hairdo, the makeup, the bridal trousseau and how the bride conducts herself is the focus of everybody's attention on this day and you will certainly feel much more comfortable, if you have already done the dress rehearsal first.

Here are some useful tips for the bride:

.To cover the reddish skin, use sheer color corrector and apply tinted moisturizer of yellowish green or olive green shade to neutralize it.
.Pink color blush is not for the wedding day, generally speaking. Try bronzer under cheekbones instead.
.Bright lip colors may be warm such as orange-red, orange-gold, copper and warm beiges, creams and caramels or cool such as fuchsia, magenta, blue-reds, shades of lilac and pink and make lips look plusher and fuller.
.Deep warm lip colors such as yellowish and orangish browns; mahogany, deep warm reds and chocolate and deep cool shades such as cool brown, taupe, deep purple, plum and blue-toned burgundy underplay too much thickness of lips.
.The subtle look can be achieved by using the air-brush a lot and sticking to light shades such as cream, gold, lime green and brown for warm skin undertones and lilac, plums and soft pink for cool skin undertones.
.Neutrals are the safest choice to make you seem a bride endowed with natural beauty.
.Be sure to coordinate you overall look: all the colors should have either warm or cool tone while your hair, make-up, jewelry and gown should correspond to the carefully chosen theme.
.Hairstyle is usually chosen, after completing the makeup to suit the looks of the bride.
.If you are not used to wearing heavy makeup, keep your hands away from blue and green eye shadows.
.For olive and dusky skinned ladies, maroons and brown lip colors are the safest bet as well as the golden tones.
.Hairstyles are often adorned with pearls, rhinestones, flower buds, golden lace, satin ribbons, jeweled hair bands and tiaras among other hair ornaments and may range from the simplest French braid or bud to complex and elaborate hairdos.
.Bridal makeup includes all the attention to the minutest of details. Don't overlook them for the finished look.
.A timeless makeup look will keep your wedding snaps fresher forever, so try not to give in to the fads of the day.
.Cream foundation with a high pigment level is recommended.
.Don't forget to cover your neck, chest, area behind your ears with foundation and makeup too.
.Morning weddings need natural look makeup while evening weddings need more formally adorned brides with darker makeup shades.
.Lighting also determines your makeup. A well-lit area uses lighter colors while deeper tones are good for darker areas. Fluorescent lighting will add a greenish tinge to everything so avoid green shades.
.Try not to be too dramatic but there is a secret seldom revealed: red lipstick makes teeth appear whiter!

Wedding Makeup Dos and Don'ts.

Want an elegant and timeless look on your wedding day, you don't want to spoil it with the wrong makeup choices.
Naomi Martinez, owner of Naomi’s Studio and Salon in West Hartford has the inside scoop on the dos and don’ts for makeup on your special day.

DON’T- Go Blue. “Something blue” may bring good luck – but not so much around your eyes. Martinez says she talks brides out of wearing the color all of the time. “You don’t want eye shadow that is brighter than the eye color,” Martinez said. She recommends a color that contrasts the eyes so that they can pop on the big day. “When you walk into the room, you want the features to stand out – not the makeup.” 

DON’T – Cake it.  There are no promises about not getting cake in the face on the big day, but caking should be avoided when it comes to foundation. “Many brides want their skin to look flawless and go heavy with foundation,” Martinez said. She suggests a skincare regiment before the big day to improve skin “95 percent of clients can avoid this heavy makeup look. And a skincare regiment will work,” she said. A natural look always looks better in pictures and in person, according to Martinez.

DON’T – Do Raccoon Eyes. “Many of our clients misunderstand the term 'raccoon eyes,'" said Martinez. "What it actually refers to is the light rings around the eyes from going crazy with concealer.” She suggests using different colors to avoid the circles. “A light salmon or a peach will look much better under the eyes."

DON’T – Do Glitter. “Many times, our clients will come to get their makeup done after getting their hair done and they’ll be covered in glitter," Martinez said. "But what some hair stylists don’t consider is the flash of the cameras." She suggests staying away from using glitter in the hair and on the face to avoid reflections from the flash. “Something not as frosty, like a shimmer will work much better,” Martinez suggested.

There are several things you can do to make your look just right on your wedding day.

DO – Match your Tone. “You don’t want a foundation that is darker than your skin tone.” Martinez suggests that difference in tone will stand out more, especially if you are wearing a white dress. Matching skin tone will give a more natural, even look in pictures and in person.

DO - Go Classic. “You don’t want your pictures to look dated 40 or 50 years from now.” Choosing hair and makeup that isn’t necessarily trendy, but is simple and timeless is the best way to go, according to Martinez.  “Big hair and blue eye shadow was big in the 80s, and if you were to see it in pictures now, you could tell it was from the 80s," Martinez said. "We try to avoid making our clients get this dated look.” 

DO – Go Neutral. Red lipstick is a great accent, but Naomi suggests that this type of look isn’t always the best choice for the big day. “Typically, wedding pictures are in color and in black in white. Red lipstick will look black in black and white photos,” said Martinez.. To avoid this look, she suggests not going too deep or too light with lip color. “Choose a nice medium tone. It will look better in the photographs.”

Waterproof It

Choose a mascara that's waterproof; it lasts longer and withstands tears. If you really don't like the look or feel, use one coat of regular mascara, then follow up with a light coat of waterproof mascara.

Bonus Tip: If your veil needs to be removed after the ceremony, make sure your hairdresser shows your mom or maid of honor how to do it without mussing your 'do.
On the Line

Charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options for eyeliner. Black or brown may look too severe, especially if your wedding will be held during the daytime and/or outdoors.

Lighten Up

Use a white shadow as a highlighter on your brow bone if you have light skin; a warmer light peach or vanilla shade will suit deeper complexions.

Give Them Shape

Do contour your eyes, but avoid using color that's too dense (it can detract from your eyes themselves).

Shade Your Brows

Define your brows with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair color.

Get the Red Out

Pop an eye drop if your eyes look red or tired, but stick with a brand you've used before to avoid unwelcome surprises (irritation or worse!).

Sweet Cheeks

Don't forget your blush! A pop of color on your cheeks is like an instant facelift. For fairer skin, a pink tone will work; those with deeper skin tones can choose a rosier hue.

Zap a Zit

If you have a blemish or breakout just before your wedding day, keep your hands away from your face -- the spot will heal more neatly if you leave it alone. In the case of a sudden monstrous pimple, see your dermatologist and ask for an cortisone injection that will shrink it instantly.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Blend well all over, especially at the corners of your eyes, since cameras pick up visible makeup lines.

Get a Good View

For your makeup application, natural light is best. If possible, set up an application table near a window. If there's no natural light available, use a superbright lamp -- halogens work best.

Sit Up

If you're getting ready at a hotel, ask for a high bar stool so you can be at eye level with your makeup artist. If you can't get a stool, simply prop yourself up on pillows.

Even It Out

Use bronzing powder on your chest and neck if you need to even out your skin tone -- it will make your skin more luminous and ensure that your face doesn't look too different from your body.

Watch That Gown

Don't, however, use foundation on your decolletage -- it can stain your dress.

Carry Protection

Use a moisturizer that includes SPF 30 or higher, especially if you are getting married outdoors! You may be getting more sun than you think you are, and you will definitely look pinker in pictures.

Brighten Up

Choose a lip color that's a bit bright. Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you appear washed out in photos, particularly since you'll be wearing white. If you normally wear a neutral hue, wear it as your base with a pink or rose color on top. If you normally wear dark lipstick, use that as your base and apply a lighter sheer pink on top to give you a lift.

Keep It With You

Even if you mix various lip colors when applying your makeup, be sure to have one great lipstick to carry with you for touchups.

Greet 'Em With a Grin

You can have the softest lips and the perfect lipstick, but if your teeth are yellow, you won't want to flash a smile. There are lots of safe, reliable over-the-counter teeth-whitening systems, which all whiten teeth by a few shades.

Prepare the Area

When you're getting your hair styled, a low counter with a mirror -- like a vanity table -- will work best. Check to see that your chair has a low back, so your wedding hair stylist will have easy access to your head. And make sure there are electrical outlets nearby for appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, and electric rollers. For extra insurance, bring a few extension cords.

Turn On the Heat
If your wedding is early, or if time is of the essence, plug in your rollers, curling iron, or straightening iron before your stylist arrives to save time.

Refresh Your Tresses
Head to a local spa and have a professional scalp massage (which not only feels good, but stimulates the hair follicles and adds body) and deep conditioning treatment the week before your wedding.






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