Saturday, 5 May 2012

Get Your Protein by Eating Meatless Chinese Food

5 Ways to Get Your Protein by Eating Meatless Chinese Food

Some people think it can be difficult to get enough protein living a vegetarian lifestyle, but vegetarians are usually ingenious enough to make sure they get enough of their daily requirements into their regular diets. Dining at a Chinese restaurant with a limited choice of meatless dishes, though, can leave you wondering if you are still eating what you need. Eating these five ingredients in your meatless Chinese food can help you meet your daily protein requirements while enjoying the flavors of the Orient.

1. Eggs
Eggs are a staple of many vegetarians’ diets as a way to consume protein each day. With about six grams of protein in every one, eggs can add more than a dash of the needed muscle-building substance to your diet. Look to vegetarian fried rice that contains eggs and egg drop soup as good egg sources in Chinese food.

2. Peanuts
Peanuts are much more than peanut butter. Because of the high amount of protein in peanuts, they can be a good source of protein in meatless Chinese dishes. Try some meatless peanut pad thai which has not only peanuts, but a tangy peanut sauce as well. Some pad thai contains chicken, shrimp or other meat, so be sure to get it without those additions for a truly meatless meal.

3. Bean sprouts
Mung bean sprouts are the traditional bean sprouts used in Chinese dishes, and they contain about 20% protein. Alter the type of sprouts used and you could be looking at up to 35% protein content. Try some Buddha’s Delight or vegetarian egg rolls to get your protein fix from Chinese dishes containing bean sprouts.

4. Tofu
Tofu is such a versatile favorite of vegetarians everywhere. Just about any meat you can think of can be substituted with tofu, and the ten grams of protein in every serving can another rich source to your vegetarian diet. Look to see if your favorite Chinese restaurant carries Kung Pao Tofu or Tofu Stir Fry to add this source of protein to your diet. If not, try making traditional Chinese food dishes at home and do the substitution yourself.

5. Cashews
Like bean sprouts, cashews are comprised of about 20% protein. Perhaps best known as a component of Cashew Chicken when it comes to Chinese dishes, there are in fact Chinese dishes that contain the cashew without the chicken. Look for broccoli with cashews or a cashew stir fry to take advantage of this rich protein source when dining out for Chinese food.

It can be hard to find a wide variety of vegetarian dishes in many Chinese restaurants, but knowing what to look for can give you a good source of protein without compromising your vegetarian lifestyle. Next time your friends want to dine at a Chinese restaurant, tell them yes and look for some of these protein-rich ingredients.

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