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Top 10 Skin Care Tips

Skin identification

Skin can be divided into three categories like dry, oily and normal skin. The basic thing is to identify the skin you have before seeking its care tips. Here is a simple test for this purpose; when you get up early in the morning you may check your skin quality by placing a dry paper on it. If it gets stuck with your face it means the skin is oily otherwise it is dry. But if the paper soaks grease from face skin it means your skin is normal.

Oily Skin

It will be good start with basic skin care including toning, cleansing and moisturizing. It is important to apply an astringent or toner on oily skin in order to close the pores of the face.

Acne Bouts

It is adviseable to consult a dermatologist, if your skin is suffering with acne bouts to get resolved your skin issues successfully.

Skin Exfoliating

In order to get your skin clear from dead cells with shining spotless appearance, exfoliating once a week is an important and effective tool of skin care. Face packs may also help you to get better results.

Glowing Skin

Nutritious diet obviously leads towards healthy and glowing skin. Additionally you must ensure proper sleep for about 7 to 8 hours and plenty of pure drinking water at least 8 glass as daily intake.

Use of Sun Cream

Always use sun cream every time you step out into the sun in order to avoid getting tanned.

Proper Shaving

While shaving, ensure the cleanliness of the razor and use cream based shaving cream in order to protect your skin from rashes. Moreover shave in the direction of hair grown to get better results.

Skin cleansing

Before going to bed always cleance your skin from all dirt and grime which will provide safety against acne, pimples and other skin problems.


Go for monthly facials to ensure your skin glowing.

Avoid Stress

Spend a balanced life without being stressed and depressed in order to feel and look fresh and cute.

The above quoted top 10 tips would ensure that you look great and also feel healthy during your happy life.

How to Remove Wrinkles?

Youth is so much loving and beautiful that no body wants to be looked old. It is fact that some people looks old and get wrinkled in early age; while some faces remain healthy and wrinkle free even with aging old.

Is it possible to remove wrinkles for ever?

Wrinkles are silent indication of being aged; this fact by almost has being tried to reject. Actually wrinkles are very much hard to be removed permanently; it is possible to delay their appearance with respect to age. Even so called wrinkle removing creams and lotions seems to be claiming to remove wrinkles but practically none of them is 100% successful to remove the wrinkles for ever. Some of them works well but have temporary effect on wrinkles.

How it can be delayed?

Wrinkles are ground reality of aging which can not be denied. However the onset of wrinkles is possible to be delayed as much as allowed naturally by avoiding the factors involved to create wrinkles.

Here some guidelines are given in order to avoid the harmful factors resulting in wrinkles.

Avoid UV Rays of Sunshine

Sun light having UV rays affects the skin badly and causes dryness of the skin; resultantly wrinkles are appeared. In order to avoid it use sunscreen and when ever you have to go outside in the sun, umbrella or sun hat should be used. Also avoid unnecessary sun bathes or wandering in sunlight for long time. Even manage your shopping and other activities avoiding peak hours of sun light as much as possible.

Avoid Sleep Deprivation

Sleeplessness has adverse affect on skin and cause wrinkles. Have a good sleep and avoid late night waking habit. It is also pertinent to mention that you should try to adopt good sleeping posture in order to avoid pressing your face skin on hard pillows or under your arms. 

Avoid Over Washing the Skin

In order to avoid dryness of skin, do not over wash it with strong soaps frequently; Natural oily skin may be damaged and turned into dry.

Skin Moisturizing

After every wash and bathing you should moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer. Daily moisturizing the skin may reduce the risk of wrinkles and keeps your skin flexible, fresh and beautiful.

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling and avoid emotional expressions to be continued resulting wrinkles. Try to find out your face expressions in mirror which are making wrinkle lines and try avoiding these.

Emotional Satisfaction

Face expression are very much related to your emotional changes like, depression, fear, hate, love, anger and stress. Try to be happy and avoid being oversensitive to pretty things. As much you remain satisfied and happy your face looks fresh and beautiful. On the other hand your worries, tensions and depression may draw wrinkle lines on your face.

Avoid Dehyderation

Try to manage healthy intake of water in order to avoid skin dryness and wrinkles.

How to Maintain Wrinkle-Free Lips

Every body desires fuller, sensual and kissable lips without wrinkles. Before finding the answer of how to maintain wrinkle free face or lips we should know that the skin is prone to be affected not only with seasonal changes but also with other harmful factors like pollution, extreme temperatures and chemicals used in cosmetics. Lips are similarly sensitive like our skin and may become wrinkled and dried if lacking moisturizing glands resulting from dehydration. It is known fact that wrinkles are the basic enemy of your complexion and beauty. Like face beauty lips beauty needs proper care and treatment having no exception coming of aging. The basic requirement to prevent any damage to lips beauty is to get awareness about the basic preventive actions to keep wrinkles away from your lips. Here are given some treatments which should be included in our daily skin care routine to protect our lips from wrinkles.


It is the basic requirement of skin as well of lips. Dryness of skin and lips leads to wrinkles and grooves on it. So keep your lips moisturized by applying a good quality moisturizer which will also give a shiny and beautiful look with other healthy benefits.
One thing should be kept in mind that people with ultra-sensitive complexion require extra care for their skin and lips. While choosing a moisturizer always select organic moisturizer confidently without any bad effects like chemical based.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Long Sun exposure is considered as the greatest promoter of wrinkles and also leads to early ageing. The same sun exposure has the same effect on lips. Before taking sun bath apply sun creams on sensitive body parts for protection against ultra violet rays of sun harmful for skin. Always use a lip balm rich in SPF helping protect against environmental bad effects.

Avoid Irritating Foods

If you are already suffering with over sensitiveness and chapped lips, avoid eating irritating diet which may produce hindrance in healing process. Don’t drink orange juice and alcohol if your lips are already dehydrated. Similarly mustard, peppers, barbeque and several beverages have severe bad effects on lips and need to be avoided if possible. Also care while eating that food should be avoided touching with your lips preventing any irritation or wrinkles.

Improve Water Intake

Nothing can replace water while fighting against dehydration of skin and wrinkles. In order to prolong your youth and slowing ageing drink at least eight glasses of water daily. As hydration is the secret of the success to maintain your lips healthy and loving to kiss in all seasons with different harsh conditions.

Homemade Recipe for Lips treatment

It is very simple homemade beauty recipe for lips care. Take some sugar or baking soda and mix it in your lip-gloss, apply it on your lips with the pores of your fingers in circular motions. Wait for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with fresh water in order to maintain healthy and wrinkle free lips.

How to Avoid Pimples?

No doubt, face beauty on utmost priority of any girl and woman. Pimples on the face not only are painful but very much beauty destructive and some times lasts spots after healing. To avoid pimples we just have to notice the reasons for it and after that medication to be done.  Normally medication remains in focus as compared to its reasons.

Pimples Reasons

Basically appearance of pimples is based on some hormonal changes at puberty and un-cleanliness of the skin as well as touching and accumulation of dirt, sebum and greasy substances on the skin.

How to Treat Cystic Acne?

If the simple acne are not to be treated prperly it may be converted into into cyctic acne due to infection. It takes more time to heal cystic acne and some times it leaves scars on the face. The question how to get rid of pimples is frequently asked; here are given some reasons avoiding them original beauty of the face can be restored.

Avoid Fats in Diet

If you are facing with acne pimples try to avoid meat, chips, fats, fried dishes and dry fruits. Use raw fruits and vegetables abundantly and increase water intake up 2 liter daily.

Use of Telephone

It is common practice to use of telephone or mobile phone in daily life. The thing should be kept in mind is that your telephone set or its cradle must be clean. As it is used by different persons, have chances to accumulate any sebum, dirt and grease on it. And being touched with your complexion it may cause pimple growth. 

Dirty Pillows

In order to control pimple growth it is advised to wash and clean your pillow cover and bedding frequently to avoid bacterium and sebum accumulation.

Dirty make-up kit

Using dirty makeup kit items may lead to acne pimples. So clean the makeup tools in order to get rid of sebum grease and bacterium. Some ladies related to showbiz have to remain under makeup all the time; it is harmful for face skin causing wrinkles and acne pimples. So it is advisable to remain without makeup at least one day in a week in order to make breathing your skin.

Un-safe Kissing or Touching

By kissing or touching the face with dirty hands can easily transfer bacterium and sebum to your complexion causing pimples. It is old fashion of expressing love by touching the face.

Stress and Depression

Stress in young girls is also a major cause of aggravating the pimples appearance, during hormonal changes at puberty.

Excessive Washing out the Face 

 If you are use to wash your face frequently with soap, you are more prone to remove necessary natural oil of the skin and the excessive dryness may lead to pimples. 

Avoid Dirt and Perspiration

After sport as you know that during sport body perspire profusely and you can not avoid dirt during sport, so it is necessary to take bath or shower after cooling down your body and change your clothes in order to avoid dirt bacterium.

Safe travelling

Avoid travelling in such trains and buses with open windows. As dirt and greasy smoke accumulate on your complexion, cause pimples and harm the softness of your beautiful face.

Avoid scratching the pimples 

If pimples appear on your face try to consult your doctor for proper medicine or any cream and avoid scratching it. After scratching pimples turns into wounds and often leave scars after healing.


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