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Many people are reluctant to get old. In fact, growing old is inevitable. What could be shunned is just getting old too fast.
With a holistic approach to slowing the aging process can be achieved as reported in this unique. 

is it true that your age is 60 years old? Apparently your age is 50- something years. "Whoever we are, especially women, would be a flowered when they hear such praise. In fact, longevity in the sense of staying healthy, fit, and youthful is the desired one man.

A psychological study in the U.S. prove, entering middle age ( 40-60 years ) and more people begin to feel less excited, sad, and scared. This is partly due to the emergence of mental and physical deterioration, accompanied by cessation of reproductive cycles in women, as well as the pressure of the importance of youth.

American culture is more glorified and appreciate the efficiency, strength, speed, and physical attractiveness, causing many Americans to make efforts in order to stay looking young.

Indonesian society was infected with a lot of confidence like that. They flocked to find a variety of alternative treatments to "fight " aging. In fact, aging is something that can not be delay.

Ageing is actually a manifestation of working together between genetic and sociological factors. The biologists believe aging is a product of the expression of several genes. This gene activates genes that act more as a person enters the aging phase of reproduction.

While from the point of sociology, aging is closely related to personality, lifestyle, and subcultures someone.

 But with better conditions and treatments, is now a growing number of men and women who have not shown signs of mental and physical age until age 65, even about 70 years.

In reaching such a state, a holistic approach ( overall ), who essentially live a healthy lifestyle, it impacting better than partial measures like plastic surgery or nutrition.
Note Nutritional Factors 

If you want to be healthy until old age, do not forget to pay attention to daily food consumption. More than 40 compounds need to be incorporated into the body in its original form ( essential ). Among 10 kinds of amino acids, 13 vitamins, 20 or more mineral elements and one or two fatty acids. But there are some things that deserve attention

1. Currently quite difficult to get complete nutrition from the foods we consume daily for a place to farm the land infertile. Not to mention more and more use of chemical fertilizers and food processing techniques that only consider the cost factor, lively and interesting. What is also troubling, many products the use of transgenic ( genetically modified ).

2. Setiap orang memiliki kebutuhan nutrisi khas. Tidak ada dua manusia memiliki kebutuhan nutrisi yang betul-betul sama. Kebutuhan itu pun terus berubah sesuai tingkatan umur dan kondisi tubuh. Dalam kondisi stres umpamanya, kita membutuhkan lebih banyak vitamin C.

3. After entering the age of 50 years, needs some nutrients to increase despite calorie needs decrease, either due to reduced ability to absorb food or due to the aging process. Needs calcium for example, increases when porous bones begin to happen.

4. Nutrients or food supplement not a drug that can have an effect in one or two days. It takes a minimum of one month with regular consumption to determine their effect.

5. Additional nutrient requirements can not be determined based on sheer approximately. It takes the advice of experts to decide. Consumption of nutrients without additional controls as a result influenced food advertisements or for fear of excessive malnutrition, can even be an act of useless, even dangerous. Because the effect of each individual's body is different. Excessive doses can cause toxic effects. For example vitamin C excess ( > 5000 mg ) can trigger kidney stones.Excessive calcium ( > 2,000 mg ) can cause hypercalcaemia. High doses of vitamin E can cause high blood pressure and rheumatic heart disease. Excess vitamin A will cause anorexia, swelling of the liver, easily irritated, skin disorders, hair loss, bone pain, and hypertension. 

Excess vitamin D caused decreased body weight, calcifications in many soft tissues of the body, and kidney failure. Excess vitamin B6 cause peripheral neuropathy.

6. Eating extra food should be in sufficient doses and only when needed. In fact there are additional nutrients are poorly absorbed unless taken with other nutrients. Yes the best use of multivitamins consumed immediately after meals. 

Additional nutrients that are often recommended include vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, chromium, zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and coenzyme Q- 10 7.

Despite frequently touted is still very relevant to remind the middle -aged age: keep a normal blood cholesterol levels by avoiding fatty foods, reducing the consumption of meat and otherwise reproduce fresh food, fruits, fish, soy products, tea or water, fish oil, garlic, vegetables, and other fibrous foods. This will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Equally important, when old age arrives later, we need to keep your body weight remained normal or even lighter. Because obesity will invite a lot of risks, including heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Eat fat, but do not cross the line 10-25 % of total calories eaten. Meanwhile, consumption of sugar should be no more than 10 %.

Sugar is indeed a problem of modern society as there are in almost all processed foods. Though refined sugar is not just poor nutrition (not like the sugar in fruit, vegetables or other natural foods ) but also cause tooth decay. "Sin " that carried sugar can be more severe because he's rich and fattening calories so easy to overload the pancreas, which produce insulin, thus stimulating the emergence of diabetes.

While coffee contains a lot of caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system. Consumption of salt or sodium should be limited due easily increase blood pressure and threaten the cardiovascular system. Alcohol, which is one source of free radicals, can impair physical and mental health. Besides the calorie content of alcohol roughly between sugar and fat so that it can also cause obesity. While the additive substances which generally contain more than 200,000 synthetic materials can poison the body or stimulate the emergence of cancer.

Simply doing Sports 

well, rather than boring with the ban, let's move on to positive action. One could put forward the suggestion that the first is: exercise! There are many reasons why the sport or physical exercise can help maintain the physical conditions that are not easily fall.

In general, exercise can increase body resistance against diseases and accelerate the healing process. In addition, exercise can improve the digestive system, sleeping habits, nutrient absorption, and disposal of residual substances. No less important, psychologically, exercise can reduce stress, reduce the appearance of psychosomatic disorders, as well as increase energy and enthusiasm for life, including improving the capacity and sexual function. With exercise, concentration, attention, and memory will increase so we look more attractive.

Physiologically any exercise will increase muscle size and strength of heart. Can also increase the volume of the heart pumps and improve coronary circulation. Moreover, it can lower the content of triglycerides, LDL ( bad) cholesterol and raise HDL ( good) cholesterol in the blood. Exercise also can help prevent the formation of plaque in blood vessels and blood clotting and thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of exercise has not stopped there. With exercise, muscle mass, strength and bone density, the number of mitochondria and respiratory enzymes will increase so that more efficient metabolism. Also can prevent degeneration and atrophy ( shrinkage ) of the network, and to prevent interference with the appearance of motion and movement such as arthritis, inflammation of the bursa, called bursitis ( bursa is a sac or pouch -like chamber containing a viscous fluid in the tissue that functions to prevent friction between the parts in the network). Exercise also prevents other disorders such as back pain, bone loss, muscle spasms, joint pain, etc.. while improving the reaction speed and reflexes.

Staying Active and Happy 

The term "active " was also a key word for people who want to stay young in old age. Because the active life will keep their emotions and nerves, and this will slow down the aging process. Unused brain will cause memory loss as well as analytical skills. When performed tests of intelligence, obviously those who continue to actively value will be higher than the unemployed. Life cheerful and full of spirit, are also necessary in order to stamina and vitality of soul and body to stay awake. An optimistic attitude and always try to think positive in the face of stress is very helpful. Also provide time off and maintain healthy sleep habits ( eight hours a night).
Feel happy or not it actually depends on our own minds. Therefore, living in a society that is closely and participate actively in social relations within it will have positive impact for us. Social activities at the same time can help cure diseases and to shield against all emotional disorders.

There is nothing wrong, we also actively participate in religious activities. The study of 4,000 parents by Dr. Harold G. Koening and his team from Duke Medical University, Durham, USA concluded, religious belief or the belief in it can extend the life of the elderly. Those who believe a strong and diligent to the house of worship at least once a week, 28% survived six years longer than those who did not. Logical reasons mentioned Koening, in general, parents who are diligent to come to a place of worship in itself will reduce smoking and drinking which containing alcohol.

Living Healthy and Safe 

Above all, we must not also forget that aging is a process of interaction of genetic and environmental factors. While genetic factors certainly can not be avoided, adverse environmental factors can still be controlled so that the aging process could be slowed. Hostile environmental conditions, such as too hot, dry, full of pollution, the influence of the parasite, the noise, solar radiation, can cause the body is not stable, even damaged.

Unfortunately, modern man is increasingly frequent contacts with foreign chemical substances that can cause cell injury, immune disorders, and cancer. Contact with hazardous compounds can occur through the work environment, diet, lifestyle or other means. Surrounding environment, both inside and outside the room filled with many toxic gases given off by various furnishings. Sick building syndrome is one of the impact.

Sunlight, though very useful for humans, can sometimes be dangerous, especially the influence of ultraviolet radiation that is harmful to the body. Ultraviolet A ( UV - A, 320-400 nm ) fluorescent effect (the ability of certain substances to diffuse light ). UV - B ( 290-320 nm ) can cause erithema ( skin redness ) and can trigger skin cancer. UV - C ( 100-290 nm ) is very damaging so it can be used as a germ killer. At the equator, in a state of light is not cloudy, about 30 % of UV - B can reach the Earth. The farther from the equator decreases. However, ozone depletion that began and spread in the polar regions could provide a threat of UV radiation exposure.

UV - B can have devastating effects on proteins and DNA that can cause skin cancer, eye cataracts, and decreased endurance. Therefore sunbathing habits that took many hours is definitely not a healthy hobby. Conversely, methods such as life returned to the wild life in the wild, camping, exploring nature, is the best way to reduce the physical stress caused by environmental stresses.

Of course the use of drugs and medical therapies are required in accordance with the advice of health experts is necessary, given that the condition of pain in old age can not be avoided. Hopefully in the future, when the understanding of gene regulation and biochemistry of the body was complete, it would appear that drugs can effectively cure the major cause of physical disorders and psychiatric problems of the elderly.

But above all, it is necessary to every one accepts the fact that he would be old. While not too late, let's try to keep soul and body to stay healthy, fit, and youthful!

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