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How to Prevent Life and Valuables from Fire

Health, fitness and beauty are the most precious, amongst the uncountable blessings of God. Normally people take care for their health, fitness and beauty and spend a lot in trying to gain and maintain it.  And try to avoid every thing which is harmful for their health, fitness and beauty. 

I think the most harmful and terrible hazard not only for health beauty and fitness but even to the life as a whole is fire. Here are given some guidelines in order to prevent fire hazard;-

Awareness of Fire Hazards

The most important thing to avoid, fight and to escape from fire is the awareness. Each family member, even children should give awareness about fire hazards equally and should follow the all safety precaution regarding fire. Fire never excuses the mistake of any one.

Avoid Carelessness about Fire

Many cases of fire are result of carelessness for example smoking near petrol pumps is carelessness. So avoid any carelessness which may cause fire hazard.

No Negligence in case of Fire

The second cause of fire is negligence; for example ignoring small fire or ignoring burning cigarettes butts. Avoid negligence to prevent fire.

Accidental Fire

The third cause of fire, when there is no negligence and carelessness is called accidental fire. Short circuiting or electric wires is an example of accidental fire.  Accidents can not be stopped but further guidelines may be derived from any accident as safety precautions.

Installation of Fire alarms

It is necessary to install fire alarms and smoke detectors in order to avoid any accidental fire. And keep the batteries of your alarm system serviceable with its regular replacements.

Avoid Careless Smoking

Most of the fire cases have been found the result of careless smoking. Smokers should be careful while smoking in covered area especially in bed rooms. Some smoker use to smoke before sleeping, they should avoid smoking; especially if they have drunk or feeling sleepy.

Display Emergency Help Numbers.

Emergency help numbers (police, fire brigade, Hospital, ambulance service or other related services) should be displayed near your telephone set and saved in mobile sets in order to avoid any delay to call the helpers. While calling for help, explain complete home/office address to the concerned staff so they can reach the destination immediately.

Emergency Doors / Exit points

In every building emergency door and alternate exit points should be provided in order to escape the life during emergency. All the residents of the building should fully aware about the escaping plan during emergency without any confusion. 

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