Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Teenage Fashion

Teenage Fashion: 

Teenage fashion, this year is being ruled by bright colors and funky stuff. Teenage, the most bubbly and lively phase of one’s life, brings with it the freedom of choice and the courage to try new things.

Teenagers are more apt in adapting new trends than grown ups, whether it’s about clothing or hairstyles. Teenage fashion ranges from western jeans, tops to typically eastern choori pajamas and a variety of stylish long frocks. This summer reds, oranges and yellows are all in for teenage fashion. Keeping the scorching heat in mind, whites, bisques, cool blues and light shades of yellow are also being launched by apparel brands such as STONEAGE and CrossRoads for teenage fashion 2012.
This summer dazzling nail colors have sustained their value in teenage fashion. French manicure could not replace them in summer season. Red painted nails have given way to more funky shades of green, orange and blue that reinforces the vital and joyful quality in teenage fashion. Jewelry has taken a turn towards hippie tradition. No more elegant studs or rings but bigger, colorful rings and ear rings are the new trend in teenage fashion.

Spring has affected teenage fashion from head to toe, from hairstyles to shoes. In teenage hairstyle, bob hairdos with slight modifications have taken place of bangs. Bob hairdos are not restricted to short hairs only; it is being coupled with layers or steps for longer hairs. Angled bob hairdos and tapered bob hairdos are gaining more fame in teenage hairstyles as they are easy to carry whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual one. Teenage hairstyles encompass straightening, curling and fizzy hairdos equally. Avril Lavigne’s signature red or pink dyed streak has not gone out of teenage hairstyles completely. Evidently the infatuation has lessened but not completely vanished.

Even the footwear could not resist the fervor of spring this year. In teenage fashion, gladiator sandals with a wide range of styles are still ruling the market for casual wear. Studded, snake skin, high leg gladiator sandals are accompanied by more colorful sandals with flowery patterns and comfy heels. Browns and blacks are replaced by bright colored gladiator sandals and pumps either flat or with heal.

All this enthusiasm towards loud colors and a wide range of different styles in teenage fashion and hairstyles has not disregarded the aspect of comfort. This year spring has marked the broad horizon of the society regarding fashion and trends. Teenage fashion this year has come up with an amalgamation of eastern loud colors, choori pajamas, frocks and western loose tops, jeans, gladiator sandals and English colors.

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