Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lip care tips for women and girls

Lip care tips for women and girls

Lips care tips for women well taken care of lips are very sensual and attractive soft and healthy looking skin will contribute to a sweet and sexy look because they attract attention towards the force chapped ,flay lips are both uncomfortable and unaesthetic and winter helps contribute to these negative effects to make your lips apper luseious and healthy you need to know to care for them'


   1. Exfolliate your lips with home made lips and the honey with offer the moisture they need 

   2. apply a chapstick our your lips because they provide moisture you can use chapstick as a base for lipstick so they wnot look as dry

   3. do not wet your lips if they are dry because you will only make things worst

   4. apply vitamin E to your lips to protect them form enviornmental factors likes sun,cold,wind

   5. contor yor lips especially the one that is thinner to mate them look more synmetrin 

   6. apply a little bit of clear of chimery lip glass in the middle of your lips especially the upper lips to create more volume and more them apper more luscious 

   7. aviod wearning lipstick over chapped flakg because it will only eimphasize the flahes drink plenty water of keep your body and skin hydrated 
Do not use lipstick or lips gloss that are passed the expiration date because they can be filled will bacteria and the lack nutrionts take good one of you lips so they will look smoth healthy and kiss able

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