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Best Beauty Tips for for all Ages | 20 to 50 +

Best Beauty Tips for all Age 20 to 50 +

Here are the best beauty tips for the most longing question of ladies who wants to carry the beauty of their 20s at their age of 40 and who wish to look 40 when they are in their 60s. Looking young mostly lies in taking care of your skin and hair. If you take care of your skin and hair adequately as and then it needs attention, you can carry your beauty for longer age keeping the everlasting youth with you to remain forever. Here you can learn the changes and problems that occur in you at every stage of your age and the remedies that one must follow to keep your beauty alive.

Best Beauty Tips for all Ages

From the age of 20 onwards'

This is the age that starts to find stability soon after the teenage and at this stage you’ll have lot of changes both physically and mentally. Especially, due to hormonal changes your face will have a bit more oily look that may lead to dullness on your skin. So, females at this have to control that excess oil by doing “deep cleansing facial” which will control it. Not depending on beauty parlours you can do this facial at home by mixing the seasonal fruits whichever is available in that season, once in every month at regular intervals. This is enough for a brightening beauty of your face.

As far as hair is concerned, it is dandruff that causes problem at this age. The major causes of dandruff are dirty hair, less oil presence and mental pressure. To overcome this, wash your hair thrice a week following an oil massage. Women expecting motherhood might not be able to concentrate on your hair and they can follow the above tips including, proper food, with more vitamins and proteins in your diet.

From the age of 30s

This is the stage where most of the women transform their lifestyle. Added with work tension and household tension, women at this stage will have the tension of kids and husband. Here is where it starts – most of the women in their 30s live for their family more than themselves. Be sure that you give more importance to your health rather than your beauty. Structure a streamlined lifestyle scheduled with good food and exercise. It is at this stage you must concentrate on your body which will benefit you for the rest of your life. As far as skin is concerned, dry skin problem will be the major complaint among this age group. If you are not taking proper care of it, the consequences might lead to facial skin wrinkle following which the aged-look, black spots, pigmentation marks due to sunlight exposure etc will occupy you.

Once in a month, have aloevera or milk cream based facial done which will reduce the skin dryness and keeps your skin supple. You can apply night cream before going to bed. These best beauty tips will not only keep your skin moist but will add brightness and softness.

From the age of 35 onwards

Silver hair starts to appear here and there on your head at this age. However, in today’s lifestyle white hair is not a problem to be worried. Lots of hair coloring products are available in the market. You can apply a suitable color that matches your facial structure and hair condition. The important thing to be noticed in this that the color you are using should have less ammonia content.

From the age of 40 onwards

This is the age that makes you conscious about you getting old. The oldness will peep out a little on your external appearance. Skin wrinkles and under-eye darkness are two noticeable factors in your early 40s. Regular facials will help you to get rid of early skin wrinkles and hardening of skin. Anti-aging agents combined facials are recommended. Some might also experience noticeable hair loss due to menopause and loss of iron. This should not be noticed as your beauty problem alone but it is a medical problem too. If necessary, consume energy rich tables upon proper advices.

From the age of 50 and further

This is the half-century stage where the skin loosens and folds. Since it is after menopause period, the skin will naturally get lighter due to which the skin has the chances of losing sunlight protection efficiency leading to face darkness, dark spots etc might appear. The solution would be to do facial using “hydrating” products which will help you in skin tightening and moisture maintenance. For skin maintenance, it would be helpful to use anti-aging products based facials. It is advisable to avoid make-ups as there is no best beauty tips other than this. Half of your hair would have gone white and naturally it won’t affect your beauty at this age.

Along with the above beauty advices and tips it would be better to consume healthy foods and make it as a habit at every stage of your ageing. Along with green vegetables and fruits, calorie-rich food also has to be taken. Sugar and salt has to be reduced in your food. At least, 2.5 liters of water intake a day is must. One must have cholesterol control as age increases.

Best beauty tips are worth trying for an everlasting young and fit appearance both from inside and outside. Follow these beauty and health tips for all ages that can keep you confident and beautiful forever.

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